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Why Are We Here: 22 Spiritual Influencers Share Insights – 34 pgs – Horizontal – PDF

I reached out to some of the most well-known and respected spiritual leaders on the planet to find out the answer to one question: why are we here? Now more than ever, we must all come together as a singular conscious union… our continuation as a species depends on it. In order to illuminate this magnificent concept, I reached out to 22 truthers including Arcturian channel Daniel Scranton, DMT researcher Rick Strassman, and world-famous medium Phil Quinn to get their take.


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How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose – 33 pgs – Vertical – PDF

In this ultimate chapter guide, I guide you on a journey within as you’ll uncover methods, tools, and tips to unveil your soul purpose. The guidebook includes 7 mini-chapters including “Overcoming Fear and Ego,” “How to Go Within & Do Inner Alchemy,” and “Living in Alignment.”


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The Event Explained: The Polarity Experiment, Solar Flash, & Transition to a New Earth – 14 Pages – Horizontal – PDF

Humanity is preparing to enter a new aeon free of negativity. This new epoch will yield higher levels of spiritual, technological, and sociological evolution the likes of which our planet has never seen. The negative polarity experiment meant it would inject negativity into its construct to see how consciousness would respond. It was meant to serve as an impetus to ascend. But its effects became intense and destructive beyond what was expected. Learn what is being done to restore this galactic issue.


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