30 pgs – Vertical – PDF

How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose

Methods, tools, and tips to unveil your soul purpose. The guidebook includes 7 mini-chapters including “Overcoming Fear and Ego,” “How to Go Within & Do Inner Alchemy,” and “Living in Alignment.”


Why Are We Here: 22 Spiritual Influencers Share Insights

The only question that really matters is: Why are we here? In order to illuminate this magnificent concept, I reached out to 22 truthers including Arcturian channel Daniel Scranton, DMT researcher Rick Strassman, and world-famous medium Phil Quinn to see what they thought.

176 pgs – Horizontal – PDF

The Content Entrepreneur’s step-by-step roadmap to five-figure months

Attention: online business owners, coaches, and content entrepreneurs… are you ready to scale your online business to the next level? In this book, I will show you how with specific tactics that millionaire online entrepreneurs use to scale profitable content-led businesses on social media.

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In this short e-book, I explain the polarity experiment, what will happen when the solar flash occurs, and what a new earth free of any negative polarity will be like.