What would it mean if you could create worldwide healing, be in your purpose, and get paid to do it… all from the comfort of your own home?

If you’re ready to design your own lifestyle, leave the rat race, and create semi-passive, lifetime residual income all by drinking and distributing Enagic’s Kangen Water™, aka Miracle Water, this opportunity is for you.




Own your own business — work however, whenever you want, and leave the rat race

Create lifetime residual income with an incredibly abundant, patented compensation plan

Join and learn from a team of conscious entrepreneurs

Not a traditional MLM or pyramid scheme — this is a network marketing (direct sales) model

No monthly or sign up fees, qualifications, overhead costs, de-ranking, stock or inventory handling, annual renewals, or sales targets


Kangen Water machines are in-home, medical-grade water ionizers made by Enagic, the world’s leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. The machines produce seven different pH levels of alkalized, hydrogen rich, micro-clustered water.

BUT… this is much more than just drinking water… you’ll never spend another dollar on bottled water, household cleaner, laundry detergent, sanitizer, face wash/moisturizer, baby formula or any of the other dozens of products which will be made obsolete in your life by just the K8, alone.

This water is used by athletes like Floyd Mayweather, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, and thousands of people around the world for miraculous healing and ultra-hydration.

“I believe in this product, this water, and that our generation has an ability unlike others before us to ascend both spiritually and financially by empowering one another in the age of enlightenment and wellbeing we are spearheading.”


Imagine being financially free one year from today. You’re waking up every day with an owned business running itself on auto-pilot with incredible leverage of a team of distributors around the world making you money — while you eat, sleep, enjoy your free time, and work on your true passion.

This is the reality for many entrepreneurs in this business making completely passive $10k+ months.



Enagic runs on its global network of distributors and does no other marketing. As the lifeblood of their brand, distributors are rewarded quite handsomely — this is the most lucrative commission structure in the world…

…in a matter of your first few team sales, you will be making completely passive, residual income. All you have to do to become a distributor for life and start making money is invest in your own machine (or package if you want to expedite earnings). 💸💸

Here’s how the business works:

Working hard to earn a living in a safe and secure job is the most risky, financially ignorant way to live for conscious creators who want to design their lifestyle, create millions, and touch the world with their healing love. Why?

Working a soul sucking 9-5 job for your entire career takes your time and energy — your two most valuable assets. It also keeps you harnessed to a static schedule and linear income with virtually no potential for residual value, restricting your earning potential. Wage labor is also the highest taxed and you personally have to work for it.

If you desire time, location, and financial freedom, you must learn to INVEST IN ASSETS & BUILD BUSINESSES that work for you. This is the way of the New Rich, and it is possible to do in a conscious, loving way. 

If you’re interested in joining Kangen Movement, building your own wealth, and healing the world all at the same time, get in touch with me.

What People Are Saying

Upon reviewing the tests they stated that I had six months to live; as well as being told that there were now tumors in other organs and a life threatening blood clot in my stomach. I returned home and continued the regimen of drinking Kangen water and ate as nutritionally as I could. A month later, a CT scan of my body showed no tumors or blood clot! All I can say is I know the Kangen water has helped me unbelievably. I don’t think I would be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen™ water.”

— Eddie, Kansas

“I had detected several lumps in one of my breasts, which prompted me to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. After having a mammogram, ultra sound, and MRI, she told me the bad news – it appeared I had stage 2 breast cancer. Weeks later, after consulting with a surgeon, the doctors had some questions and decided to redo the tests… To their complete amazement, when the tests were repeated, all the growths had disappeared! When they questioned me about this and asked if I was doing anything differently, I told them for about three months, I had been drinking at least two quarts of Kangen water daily.”

— Martha


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