Align with Your Soul’s Agenda

Are you ready to step into your soul’s mission? Have you been striving for a life of more passionate, purposeful creatorship?

Heal Subconscious, Karmic & Ancestral Patterns

Are you set to unearth, understand, and heal aspects of your shadow that have been unconsciously holding you back? Ready to eradicate subconscious and familial blockages keeping you sheepish and down?

Barrel Through Depression

Are you tired of waiting for that ambiguous background blanket of heaviness that’s been hanging over you for years to just lift on its own?

Supercharge Your Life & Spiritual Business

Are you brave enough to undergo a life-changing metamorphosis to set the stage for higher levels of more impactful living across all relationships and your personal life? Set to create and commit to a strategy to superpower your spiritual business?

If so, you’re in the right spot.


It’s time to change your life.

How I help:

Step fully into your life purpose

Peel back the layers of self holding you back

Live as the best possible version of yourself

💥 Self-mastery guidance & coaching for conscious creators. 💥

  • Awakening & intuitive guidance
  • Self mastery mentorship

  • Life coaching
  • Soul purpose fulfillment
  • Audience building & brand growth

In the process of building one of the most impactful awakening accounts on Instagram to 50k followers in a year-and-a-half, Michael has been helping thousands of people to tap into the frequency of their 🔥highest timeline🔥!


Metamorphosis Awakening Self Love Actualization Impactful Living Fearlessness Meaning Heart-Centered Conscious Creation Transformation High Performance


Michael mixes a unique combination of esoteric, outside-the-box thinking with stern, yet down-to-earth, compassionate counsel for a hyper-focus on the totality of his client’s consciousness. Michael helps teach others how to improve their life in every facet — from business coaching to deep shadow work to high performance, your work will induce lasting change in whatever arena which emerges. Leveraging a Laser-Focused Coaching™ style, Michael takes you beyond the surface level to the core of your being where true knowledge awaits… and real change happens.


Learn the specifics of my coaching offerings, costs, plus what a typical coaching agreement entails:



“Michael’s transformational and practical insights have helped me level up and experience tremendous personal growth as well as shifts in my personal and business relationships. Michael’s uplifting energy provides a safe, supportive, and compassionate space to grow and transform.  He has an intuitive knack for tying together themes and providing an objective view point that empowers you to shift your perspective and make meaningful change. He leads clients to a frequency of love, purpose, and passion. When I came to Michael, I was stuck with deep seated blocks and emotional trauma. Not only were we able to clear the blocks, but we identified how they were holding me back from achieving the life I was striving for, and identified a clear path to achieve my soul mission. Thank you Michael for making me feel supported every step of the way through this transformation!”

Reenee Khanna, Women’s Wellness Influencer, Clinical Herbalist & Entrepreneur

“Michael really helped me to connect the dots between my life struggles. He reminded me that there is always a greater force at work. He listens incredibly attentively, asks captivating questions and answers all of mine with compassion. After the session he sent me “takeaways” that he got from what I said as well as tangible exercises to go along. 10/10… I highly recommend!”

Cat Jarek, Intuitive Energy Healer



Michael only works with several clients at a time based on availability. Michael is selective with who he chooses to work with due to the significant energy exchange and time investment anticipated for this life-changing inner work.


Pricing is flexible and based on the parameters of our unique agreement.

1-month partnership

Quicker work for those who want to hone in on a key life aspect or achieve a defined goal with intense energy for a short time

3-6 month partnership

Deep dive work for those who seek ongoing support, coaching, and guidance for lasting change

9-month partnership

Lengthier agreement for those truly committed to achieving life-changing impact


Unveil your purpose — the reason you’re on this planet — & take steps to thrive

Attain self actualization and ascend to new heights spiritually, physically, & financially

Enrich every interaction with the highest possible version of yourself

Serve yourself & the world with unbridled compassion

Learn to live with lasting joy & underlying happiness


In the wake of a profound spiritual awakening experience in mid-2018, I began feverishly consuming everything I could get my hands on about the Universe, Creation, consciousness, the true nature of reality, manifestation, and self mastery.

In the months that followed, I catapulted myself into a new space of being altogether. I committed my life to truth seeking, self-actualization, abundance, personal freedom, and helping others achieve high levels of expansion and fulfillment by unlocking their highest potential.

My personal journey to conscious living has allowed me to open up more intrinsic aspects of my awareness, including my sense of claircognizance. I work with clients to genuinely, creatively, curiously parse through the data of their life to discover hidden connections and underlying subconscious patterns, beliefs, and emotions crucial to cultivating innerstanding, lasting healing, higher consciousness, true happiness, and maximum performance.


Get in touch by shooting me a DM, email, or filling out the form below.

I offer *free consultations* for qualified prospective clients truly ready to do this intensive but life-changing work.

I look forward to connecting with you. Sending blessings for love, wishes for your success, and energy for healing on every level. 🙏🙏💯💯💥💥