Are you ready to dissect and discover how the pieces of your PERSONAL puzzle are actually silently leading you towards a life of more passionate, purposeful creatorship?

Hi, I’m Michael!

Find your life purpose ■ Unveil, accept, & heal the shadow self ■ Align with the agenda of your soul

In the wake of a profound spiritual awakening experience in mid-2018, I began feverishly consuming everything I could get my hands on about the Universe, Creation, consciousness, the true nature of reality, manifestation, and self mastery. In the months that followed, I catapulted myself into a new space of being altogether. I committed my life to truth seeking, self-actualization, abundance, personal freedom, and helping others achieve high levels of awakening, expansion, and fulfillment by unlocking their highest potential.

How I help

Self-mastery coaching for conscious creators. 💥

  • Awakening & intuitive guidance
  • Self mastery mentorship

  • Life coaching
  • Soul purpose fulfillment
  • Audience building & brand growth

In the process of building one of the most popular “new age” accounts on Instagram from 0 to 23k+ organic followers in 11 months, I’ve been conversing with hundreds of people all going through similar yet unique aspects of their own difficult life phase, personal evolution, or awakening journey — all trying to figure out how their current situation fits into the tapestry of life, how they can find deep inner healing, and ultimately step into their soul’s mission.

More About Me
For over a year, as I’ve gotten ramped up to move into the coaching space full-time, I have been helping people, in a pro bono capacity, identify deep-seated beliefs impeding their path, find healing, direction, and resolution to move forward, and understand what they’re truly meant to do.

I earned my B.A. in Journalism/Communications from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and my 6+ years leading thriving content programs for several software brands also provides a foundation through which I help conscious creators build engaged audiences for their services and programs by leveraging the insane potential of original content.

It was during my time (way back!) serving as captain of my baseball team in high school and President of Hall Government during sophomore year of college that I discovered a deeper passion for understanding what drives people, leading others, and empowering them to find their own success.

My personal journey to conscious living has allowed me to open up more intrinsic aspects of my awareness, including my sense of claircognizance. I work with clients to genuinely, creatively, curiously parse through the data (experiences and information) of their life to discover hidden connections and underlying subconscious patterns, beliefs, and emotions crucial to cultivating inner understanding, lasting healing, higher consciousness, true happiness, and maximum performance.

Coaching Investments, Conferences, & Publications


Life Coaching & High Performance
◆ 3, 6, 9 month agreements
Awakening & Self Mastery Mentorship
◆ 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 month agreements
▫ Unveil your purpose — the reason you’re on this planet — and take drastic ownership of your life
▫ Attain complete self actualization and ascend to new heights spiritually, physically, & financially
▫ Begin living the most meaningful life you’ve ever dreamt of
▫ Enrich every action and interaction with the highest possible version of yourself
Achieve anything you desire by goal setting, planning, and taking dramatic action
▫ Learn to live with lasting joy and underlying happiness
▫ Transcend any limiting mindset and leave feelings of victim consciousness behind to choose true advanced Creator status
▫ Understand how your unique awakening process is unfolding
▫ Merge with your Higher Self
Live more lovingly
▫ Serve yourself and the world with unbridled compassion… and turn it into your job
▫ Learn to dive into your subconscious mind and enter mindfulness at any time
▫ Become the best version of yourself

What Are People Saying?

Get in touch with me by shooting me a DM, email, or filling out the form below. I offer *free consultations* for qualified prospective clients truly ready to do this intensive but life-changing work.

I look forward to connecting with you. Sending Blessings for Love, Wishes for your Success, Achievement, and Prosperity in Ascension, and Energy for Healing on Every Level! 🙏🙏💯💯💥💥