Here’s a collection of my conceptualizations and drawings related to existence.

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“The Symbolic Structure of Universal Consciousness”

There is only One Consciousness in existence experiencing itself from many different and subjective levels of awareness, lenses of perception, and forms — simultaneously. Ascension is the fundamental mechanism of evolution. Consciousness ascends through the densities acquiring increased God-Source energy and encountering obstacles as it evolves… precisely to spur its evolution.

“Interwoven Wordplays”

Wordplays and double entendres are woven into the fabric of existence.

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“The Matrixes of Existence”

A Matrix is a simulated reality created by Source in an effort to know itself and expand its consciousness. There are 200+ Matrixes happening concurrently and simultaneously in the ever-present moment of Now. A Matrix design is bigger than a universe, and may in fact contain multi-verses or omni-verses. Consciousness within all Matrixes aside from ours retains inherent connection to higher awareness or God-Source energy. Our Universe — and Earth, specifically — is the only place in the entire Manifest Creation (all Matrixes) where consciousnesses completely forget who and what they are. You have a Source Fractal present in all or most other Matrixes, denoted by the hearts.

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“The Greater/Larger Consciousness System & its Light”

There exists a ‘Greater Consciousness System’ (GCS) which composes the energy body of Source. This system houses and is comprised of interconnected matrix experiences which generate energy as light. Light IS love IS energy IS consciousness. Light is the fundamental mechanism of existence and ‘powers’ every derivative level/scale of Creation. Universes and multiverses exist within each matrix. Light from the GCS is TRANSMUTED through many suns including at least the universal core, or Grand Central Sun; the quadrant core, or Great Central Sun; the galactic core, or Central Sun; and our system star, what we call The Sun before it hits us on Earth. According to my Infinite Source Self pendulum, the love-light-energy (LLE) that we feel emanated from our Sun is approximately 0.2% of the LLE being generated from the GCS! Imagine how reintegration with the Oneness will feel if the energy we feel from The Sun is only 0.2% of the “heat” generated from the God-Source!

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“The God-Source’s Journey”

The God-Source propels itself through the Un-Manifest, painting its literal self-portrait. No sub-level of consciousness gets to see the entire masterpiece until reintegration with the Oneness. Matrixes exist within and among the spiral of energy that is Source.

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How Experience-Moments Work: Life, Death, Ascension, & The Illusion of Time

On Earth, we experience time in a linear fashion via experiences as decoded by the brain. Only one “Experience-Moment” is perceived at any given time through our ‘soul cage’, though our consciousness exists in a field of infinite possibilities at all times. At physical death, we experience a dramatic expansion of consciousness which includes a ‘life review.’ During the life review, we re-live every single significant Experience-Moment of our lives simultaneously. Shortly thereafter, we reintegrate with our Soul and Over-Soul fraction, where any semblance of time completely disappears, and all memories are returned to us from all parallel lives. When we re-integrate with the One, we become the conscious energy of everything… each sub-self, each Over-Soul, each Soul, each individuated unit.

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“The Universal Consciousness System”

The entire Universe is a system of consciousness.

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“The Densities of Consciousness”

As we ascend the densities of consciousness, we re-acquire increased God-Source energy.