Guided Meditations

for your spiritual ass.

Complete self mastery requires deep and consistent reflection, honest self-analysis, and “multidimensional” understanding. Consistent inner work through meditation can help reveal the bigger picture beyond the 3D monkey mind’s awareness. For instance, with knowledge of repeating life themes, you can start to identify how and why certain scenarios arise in your life… and how each is actually a multi-layered opportunity for your evolution. Meditation also helps eliminate your fight-or-flight response, restore holes in your aura or toroidal sphere, and connect with your Higher Self to name a few of the hundreds of benefits. Enjoy!

Live on Your Highest Timeline [POWERFUL 13-Minute Guided Meditation]

Observe Your Depression, Sadness, & Pain

10-Minute Money Mindset Meditation: Manifest Conscious Wealth & Abundance

Let Go of Unresolved Trauma & Uncover Buried Emotions [POWERFUL Meditation]

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