Recommended Readings & Content

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance — it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking

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Books & PDFs


YouTube Channels

  • Open Your Reality. Focuses on simulation theory.
  • Divine Cosmos. Jeff shares easy-to-sink-your-teeth-into understandings of the metaphysics of existence, ascending the densities of consciousness, and more.
  • Enlightened Aspect Productions. Focuses on the universal ascension process, the planetary shift into higher consciousness, and more.
  • Aaron Doughty. Aaron helps people expand their consciousness.
  • Quartz Crystal. Mind-bending truth about the matrix of life/Earth game — what it is, how to win, raising your frequency, Source players, and more.
  • Gary Lite. From sacred geometry to ancient hidden knowledge to the mysterious secrets of the Earth, Gary “gets it” all.
  • Higher Balance Institute. Eric Pepin at HBI offers incredible insights on attaining higher levels of consciousness.
  • WoodwardTV. A no-nonsense perspective on the cosmos, nature, the elements, ancient civilizations and technologies, science, natural medicine, conspiracies, and strange phenomenon.
  • Anthony Chene production. Small collection of some of the most touching NDE accounts out there.


  • Expand. Elizabeth April offers her outstanding insights about reality, existence, and awakening to higher consciousness.
  • Rebel Guru Radio. Eric Pepin has an enlightened, entertaining understanding of spirituality, the afterlife, the paranormal, existence, metaphysics, and energy healing.
  • NDE Radio. Collection of amazing NDE accounts. Lee Witting is awesome.
  • THIS Podcast. Michael Gungor makes you think in a new way.
  • The Lively Show. Recommended by my colleague, Alejandra.

Awakening Gurus & Educators

A few of my favorite (and relatively lesser known) awakening educators include: Tom Campbell (simulation theory), Sylvester James Gates (theoretical physics), William Buhlman (OBEs), Michael Beckwith (new thought), Gregg Braden (science and spirituality), Phil Goode (awakening guidance), Dr. Joe Dispenza (mind-body healing), Daniel Scranton (ET channel), Phil Quinn (psychic medium and afterlife expert) and Alan Hugenot (scientist and psychic medium).


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